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Photo montage of the song "Let Her Go" on You Tube

Frédéric Slama wrote, played & produced a cd for a very talented French singer named Nathalie Romier.          Check out their cd "The Only Thing I Ask", a great mix of Westcoast and soft pop ! 

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Buy these 2 AOR cd's directly from the artist at CD Baby


Frédéric Slama's Wescoast Bible

Check out Frédéric's "Westcoast Bible",the ultimate guide to Aor music on the Cool Night Website. 


 The Myspace page of guitar hero Tommy Denander

Tommy produced brilliantly several AOR cd's. He's one of the top producer & musician in the world !


The Blue Desert Website

This is the most complete & interesting website about Westcoast & Aor music. Check out the great AOR - Frédéric Slama section on Blue Desert !

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Escape Music

Escape is an England based label with top quality artists such as Steve Overland (FM), Radio Silence, Agent, Dakota, Last Autumn's Dream and of course AOR 's "Journey To L.A" & "L.A Ambition".

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The Cool Sound Website

Cool Sound has released 4 AOR cd's (L.A Reflection - Dreaming Of L.A - Nothing But The Best & L.A Attraction).This Japan based label is famous for its reissues of classic westcoast artists like Joseph Williams, Jay Graydon, Greg Guidry, Michael Landau, David Lasley & many others..


Glory Daze Website

Glory Daze is one of the best website for Westcoast & Aor music with a great reviews section !


The Marion Raven website

Marion is one of the most talented singer of her generation. She has released several great albums and she's currently touring around the world.


The Rachel Diggs Myspace page

Rachel is a great new talent to emerge from L.A. She's also the daughter of top producer David Diggs. Rachel Diggs's haunting vocals can be heard on "Haunted By Your Smile" in AOR's "Dreaming Of L.A

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Carvin Guitars

Frédéric Slama plays on Carvin guitars, probably the finest guitars in the world. Many rock stars have adopted it: The Eagles, Steve Vai, Starship, Tony Mc Alpine, Frank Gambale, Stanley Clarke, Avril Lavigne, Joe Walsh, Yngwie Malsteem, Frank Zappa, Willie Nelson & many more... 


Whole Foods

If you want to try real organic food at his best , why don't you check out this incredible store ! Whole Foods Markets are all across America & in London too.