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Frédéric Slama’ s AOR new 

album "Return To L.A" is considered by many journalists as one of the best Melodic Rock album of the year !!! 

You can buy or download the new AOR cd "Return To L.A" directly from the artist @ Cd Baby ! 

** "Love Remains The Same" was n°7 in Japan's top 100 songs in last month charts in Tokyo ! The song from the new AOR album " Return To L.A" showcase the talents of Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine, France's top Melodic Rock singers !
** The song just got signed for a new version in a Japanese movie from Toho Company, the Japanese studio who created the Godzilla franchise !

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                       Return To L.A

Frédéric Slama’ s AOR all star project is back with album n°14th bringing AOR to new heights with the help of legendaries producers Paul Sabu & Tommy Denander. The new AOR album is called "Return To L.A" and features some legendary singers like Jesse Damon (Silent Rage, Kiss), Tommy Funderburk (King Of Hearts, Airplay), Paul Sabu (Only Child, Kidd Glove), Rick Riso, Bob Harris (Axe, Steve Vai), Erika (Yngwie Malmsteen), Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine (Chasing Violets) & many more."Return To L.A" is for fans of the heavier side of AOR in the vein of Survivor, Foreigner, Giant, Journey & Toto. An Aor dream for Melodic Rock lovers ! Not to be missed !


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All the AOR cds (even the out of print ones) are now available for download 
at Cd Baby (including some rare tracks) ! Get them now ! 

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